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“Some venues cater to the violin and some just don’t.” -Damon Barr

As the volume raises, so does the potential for feedback and re-amplification of sounds produced on stage. Traditional acoustic violins are designed to transform a subtle vibration into a more voluminous sound. Unfortunately, when we are on stage, less subtle vibrations (like the drum and bass guitar) are also being transformed and re-amplified through your instrument.

A true electric violin and viola, The Torsion Mask is designed to perform flawlessly in hostile acoustic environments. Reducing the resonant potential body of the instrument, this problem is reduced tremendously.

The Damon Barr Torsion Mask Violin is lightweight, comfortable and versatile in a wide variety of playing conditions.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to step boldly into the future with the VanderBarr Torsion Mask Violin or Viola today.


VanderBarr Electrified Chinrest.
L.R. Baggs biomorphic transducer.
Highly flamed maple back, neck and scroll.
Spruce top.
Basswood body.
Perfection geared tuning pegs - eliminate the need for all fine tuners.
Compatible with steel or perlon strings.
High quality ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, nut, endpin and saddle.
Thomastik Dominant strings.
Shipping case.
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electric violin products