Custom Electric Violins

Each Damon Barr Violin is an original work of modern art masterfully crafted, signed and numbered by Damon Barr using materials and standards of the highest quality certain to be played and appreciated for centuries to come.

VanderBarr Electrified Chin rests and Tailpieces featured on all Damon Barr Violins and a patented invention of Damon Barr, were developed in order to minimize the impact the electronics on the instruments and maximize their performance. By building the output jack and volume control into the fittings of the instrument all extra mass, pressure and vibrational interference are eliminated. They are also equipped with grounding points on the chin rest and the strings to eliminate background electrical noise. The volume control allows you to easily adjust or eliminate the output level during play, reduces bow noise and eliminates the excessive high frequencies produced by piezo transducers. Pictures Below...

Classic Style Front

Classic Style Front/Side

Classic Style Back

Gothic Style Front

Gothic Style Back

Gothic Style End & Back