electri chinrest chin rest

The VanderBarr Electrified Chinrest (made by Damon Barr) is masterfully crafted from hypoallergenic jewelers quality composite material and comes with volume control, output jack and human ground inlay creating the ultimate connection between you, your instrument and your amplifier.

When equipped with a Fishman transducer, the VanderBarr Electrified Chinrest instantly transforms any acoustic violin or viola into an electrified instrument. Simply mount the chinrest on your violin, slip the transducer into the bridge and plug it in.

While virtually any amplification system can be connected, the L.R. Baggs bridge is perfectly complimented to the VanderBarr Electrified Chinrest. Easily control volume, tonal and ambient qualities of your violin or viola with a VanderBarr Electrified Chinrest and make any performance more powerful.

electric chinreat for Violins

Be it playing in front of a large audience, recording, or a subtle boost of power to match the volume of a louder instrument, the VanderBarr Electrified Chinrest will help you rise to any occasion.

“Some venues cater to the violin and some just don’t.” -Damon Barr


Output Jack- Located in the left foot of the chin rest providing safe, discrete cord placement & minimal structural/tonal interference. Standard 1/4".

Volume Control- Helps reduce bow noise, excessive high frequencies and overdrive. Easily turn the instrument on, off and adjust volume during play.

Human Ground- An electrified instrument will at times produce a hum or background interference; contact between the skin of the player and a ground point on the instrument eliminates this problem. A conductive inlay on the ridge of the chin rest grounds the instrument during play.

Individually boxed with manufacturers limited warrantee.

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